Video & Film Transfer

Matson is the most trusted name in the preservation of legacy media. Founder, Jim Matson pioneered film to video transfer technology in Texas. Following Mr. Matson, retired/former owner Jim Berg for the next 20 years updated our transfer eqipment with the latest technology giving each customer the best captured video moments possible. Reliving moments that were captured on film or tape is what Matson Multimedia has been doing better than anyone else for over 50 years, we digitize to a wide variety audio & video formats for online streaming or publish to CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Rays or USB flash drives.

Film formats: We can Digitize video from the following sources:

  • VHS
  • Hi-8
  • Beta-SP
  • 8mm
  • VHS PAL - European format
  • 8mm PAL - European format
  • Umatic-3/4"tape
  • mini-DV
  • DV-Cam
  • HDV cam
  • 8mm film- reels
  • Super-8mm film- reels
  • 16mm film- reels
  • 35mm slides
  • 35mm processed negatives

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How much film do I have?

Here is a handy guide to figure out (approximately) the length/footage on your reels.

Reel Diameter 3" 5" 6" 7"
Footage of Film 50 200 300 400

50' of Super 8mm = 3.3 minutes | 50' of 8mm = 4.4 minutes | 50' of 16mm = 2.1 minutes.