Audio Transfers

For the Audio professional, Matson Multimedia has been the independent artist true partner in editing audio, CD duplication and meta data encryption for today’s digital audio market place. We can add meta data such as: artist name, track titles, ISCR & UPC barcodes so that all of your content is tracked properly by radio broadcasters.

Matson Multimedia can digitize from most analog audio sources such as:

  • 12" Vinyl Records (LP’s, 78, 45 or 33 rpm)
  • 16" Transcription Vinyl Records (LP’s, 78, 45 or 33 rpm)
  • Cassette Tapes
  • 8-Track Tapes
  • Micro Cassettes
  • ¼ Reels (2 & 4 Tracks)
  • DAT Tape (Digital Audio Tape)
  • Mini-Discs (Compact Disc)
  • Wire Recordings

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