Founded by Jim Matson in 1966, Matson Multimedia & Audio Specialties Inc. is a multimedia company serving families, government entities, corporations, non-profits, and the entertainment industry. Matson Multimedia’s audio and film services have flourished over 5 decades with thousands of clients who continue to refer us. We have been the leader in the preservation of legacy media and a trusted name in audio & video production. In 1998 Jim Berg purchased Matson Multimedia, visualizing the future of the digital age, Berg began to capitalize and expand digital services to better suit this ever-growing demand. As part of Berg’s forecast into the digital evolution, Berg acquired the production team of John Negrete (Disc & Tape Solutions) in 2006 that specialized in graphic design, photo restoration, CD/DVD duplication of optical discs. Jim Berg's outstanding leadership and goodwill in the community paved the wave for Matson Multimedia to become a media icon in San Antonio.

As the digital revolution continues to push new visual boundaries, today’s culture continues to have a thirst for a well-produced video. In January 2020, Matson Multimedia began it’s third chapter its long history, with a new owner at the helm, Mr. John Negrete, long time media professional is intent on bringing new creative strategies needed to succeed in today's, visually diverse and demanding video culture.

We are ready to continue the Matson Multimedia legacy, as the only choice for complete audio & video production, great service, and customer satisfaction, with personal attention to every job, no matter how big or small.

Let Matson Multimedia bring your stories to life!

Thank You,
John Negrete